SMAC Productions


SMAC Productions is a Multi-Cultural Marketing and Media Agency, with an elaborate Network, to advertise and promote your business.

Specializing in Marketing and Business development, uniquely SMAC Productions and Partners will ably assist you with publicizing and developing your business globally via ‘Local & Internet Radio, Cable T.V., Websites, and the Print-Media, catering to our Caribbean family in the Diaspora.

Management and staff consist of credible, skilful, talented and energetic individuals with over 140 combined years of Public Relations, Sales, Marketing, Management and Product/Business development experience.

We therefore invite you to contact us, and learn about our development projects.
COME! Join and enjoy the new approaches, through resources of the global Network of partners.

Its up-to-date technological solutions on a cost effective basis. Tremendous benefits are available.

Contact Information

Founder/Managing Director:
Michael A.W.Callender

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